About Us


Why spend days doing what should take hours or minutes to do?

Tech Results is a gaming software provider that has the products and services you need to reduce your workload and increase your profit.

About Tech Results

Tech Results designs and markets the best Customer Relationship Management and Promotional Management systems and decision-making engines for  the gaming and hospitality industries.  We strive to create long-term relationships with our clients by anticipating and going beyond each client’s expectations and needs. Through individual effort coupled with team accomplishment, Tech Results remains dedicated in its delivery of first-class business intelligence and customer management relationship solutions for your gaming enterprise. While Tech Results provides consulting, custom development and network engineering services, the company’s primary focus is software development solutions for the gaming industry.


Company Overview

Fueled by a vision of delivering extraordinary business intelligence and customer management relationship solutions for the hospitality and gaming industry, Tech Results is revolutionizing the way the modern gaming business manages its day-to-day operations. Established in 1998, Tech Results’ center of operations is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, with satellite offices in Shreveport, Louisiana, and Sydney, Australia. We have assembled a work force with a rich background in various fields of information technology as well as front- and back-of-house operations in the gaming and hospitality industry.


Tech Results Mission

Our mission is four-fold:
  • To design, build, deploy and support best of breed enterprise class software and solutions of our own design, utilizing industry-wide platforms, which delivers next-generation functionality to our customers;

  • To be the software provider with the best support in the industry, with exceptional help desk support and an ongoing commitment to our customers’ success at both a strategic and operational level;

  • To grow and improve our solutions in ways required or anticipated by our customers, and to work closely with our customers in determining what improvements and new solutions to deliver, and as a result, create a true partnership with those customers to ensure our mutual success; and,

  • Provide a challenging and enjoyable environment to our employees, to support their growth as both members of our family and talented professionals, and to work closely as a team to improve the quality of all our lives.

Our Values

  • At TR, we believe in RESULTS:
  • Relationships are our most important business asset
  • Enthusiastic attention to our customers’ needs is the key to loyalty
  • Sustained investment in our coworkers and ourselves fosters a culture of innovation
  • Unity of purpose leads to exceptional achievements
  • Living by the Golden Rule encourages a positive and productive environment
  • Technology should make our end users’ lives better and our customers more profitable
  • Shrewd application of resources yields the greatest returns