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Case Studies

Below is a CRM case study that delves into the process and outcome of casino gaming enterprise utilizing Tech Results as its gaming software provider. The CRM case study interviews casino management to provide a look into one of many successful gaming institutions currently utilizing Tech Results casino gaming software solutions.


Chumash Case Study BI, CRM Solutions Consistently Grow Revenue in Regional Market

In the sleepy hamlet in the lovely Santa Ynez valley of Southern California, about 45 minutes northwest of Santa Barbara, the Chumash Band of Santa Ynez Indians have built a robust gaming resort enterprise. Starting from humble beginnings as a bingo hall, the resort currently encompasses two hotels, including the only AAA Four Diamond property in the region, a spa, 2,000 electronic gaming machines, 40 table games, 14 poker tables, the 1,300-seat Shamala Showroom, several restaurants and more.



Needless to say, as the Chumash Casino Resort continued to grow from a bingo hall, to a small EGM venue, to a full-fledged resort, at each step it was critical to maintain or grow the monthly revenues, cash flow and net income. The first step – moving into the new casino – was a critical one, but was quickly followed with the opening of the hotel, the Shamala Showroom, the spa, the addition of a second hotel and the current expansion to bring a new, expanded poker area, high-limit gaming room and open-plan gaming floor to their customers. Maintaining customer loyalty, maintaining or increasing revenue per guest, and consistently growing the customer base were the three largest challenges by casino management in this process.


Bill Peters, Vice President of Gaming Operations, conversed, “We’ve had to maintain high single-digit and often double- digit growth, monthly, while at the same time making huge capital expenditures to build out our infrastructure. The CRM solutions from Tech Results have been a critical enabler in achieving that growth, month after month, and delivering the results our shareholders expect.”



In August 2003, Chumash Casino Resort adopted Total Promo® from the Tech Results suite. It quickly became a centerpiece of their marketing efforts. Peter Saccullo, Director of IT and Slot Operations, said, “Total Promo has been critical to Chumash’s success these last three years. We run promotions with staggering regularity [five days a week], but do it because we have seen proven results from those promotions, time and time again. We couldn’t manage the volume of participation and interest we have without Total Promo – and we couldn’t keep it so exciting for our guests without the levels of customization and differentiation available to us with the product.”


In August 2005, Chumash Casino Resort added WAGER®, Tech Results' business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing platform to its stable of Tech Results’ CRM products. Peter says “WAGER let us close the loop on the success of our promotions, and really see where the impact was coming. We dialed-back in some areas and increased our investment in others. The process of fine-tuning continues to today – but the increases keep going up.” Peter also went on to talk about how the ability to capture data from multiple locations – restaurants, events, door entries and hotel stays – has enabled Chumash to really trace down what combination of elements is most successful. “For example, our Monday night event combines regional music, a special regional menu in the buffet and a combination of regionally-themed prize and cash giveaways. The results have never been better!”


Finally, in Spring 2006, Chumash added Host VIP!®, Tech Results' enterprise player development solution, to their suite of products. Bill Peters stated, “We rebuilt our entire host department to leverage the power of Host VIP! It tells us more about our players than we ever knew and it gives everyone who interacts with our most important guests the ability to service those guests not only better than they ever could in the past, but better than anyone else in the market can.” Moreover, Chumash has found (using WAGER) that the ability to communicate closely with the guests provides not only a greater level of guest satisfaction, but also typically does it at a reduced reinvestment cost.

Tech Results provides two enterprise software solutions, specifically designed for the casino gaming and hospitality industry.  Together with numerous accompanying modules,  including data warehousing, promotions management systems and host management applications, our leading-edge InTRact™ and WAGER® platforms represent the most comprehensive CRM and BI solutions available for the gaming industy.

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