Games Direct® Games Catalog

Deliverable on a kiosk platform --- whether new or currently installed --- Games Direct® uses state-of-the-art animation to deliver an exciting promotions experience. The games provide a unique mix-and-match opportunity for promotions managers, while letting players play a multitude of games. Each game is customizable and additional game releases through the year ensure that Games Direct will continue to grow with the gaming enterprise.

Games Direct®  - Virtual Scratch-Off
(3 x 3)
Virtual Scratch-Off

Scratch three like prizes
to win that prize. It's just
like a scratch-off lottery ticket.

(3 x 4)
Virtual Scratch-Off

Scratch five like prizes
to win that prize. It's just
like a scratch-off lottery ticket.

Games Direct® - Fuzzy Dice
Fuzzy Dice

Click play to roll the dice
for fun and prizes. Based
on the popular dice game craps.

Games Direct® - Bullseye Golf
Bullseye Golf

Take your best shot at
winning a prize. Game
can be customized to reflect a specific course.

Games Direct® - High-Low

Take a guess
on the next card.
Is it high ... or is it low?

Games Direct® - Wheel of Prizes
Wheel of Prizes

Click, spin and watch the
wheel as it lands on your

Games Direct® - Reel Winners
Reel Winners

Click, play and watch the
reels spin! Match three
of the same symbols to win a prize!

Games Direct® - Moving Prizes
Moving Prizes

Watch as the graphics
progress from the top to
to the bottom of the screen
Click on a graphic to win a prize.

Games Direct® - Bonus Board
Bonus Board

Shoot the briefcases and
match prizes to win a gift.

Games Direct® - Plinko Plunko
Plinko Plunko

Just like your favorite TV
game show. Watch as the
ball bounces between pegs into a prize bucket.

Games Direct® - Running Numbers
Running Numbers

Click play and watch
your running numbers
become winning numbers.

Games Direct® - Crack the Safe
Crack the Safe

Click play to see if the
burglar can crack the safe
and win your prize!

Sports Pack

Games Direct® - Foul Shot
Foul Shot

Sink a sweet shot from
the charity strip
to win a prize.

Games Direct® - Field Goal Mania
Field Goal Mania

Line up the shot and put
it through the uprights
for a chance to win.

Games Direct® - Batter Up
Batter Up

Don't be mighty Casey and
strikeout! Knock it over the
fence for your chance to win!

 Games Direct® - Slap Shot
Slap Shot

He shoots! He scores!
Put the biscuit in the basket
for fun and prizes!