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FAQs - Host VIP!®

Find Answers to frequently asked questions about Host VIP!®
Q. Does Host VIP! include all carded players?

HostVIP only includes players that have reached a certain level of play on the criteria set forth by the casino. This database will be automatically populated based on criteria set forth by the property. Also, players who do not reach the criteria can be manually added to the system

Q. How does a player get pulled into the Host VIP! player database?

Players are added to the HostVIP! database as they reach the gaming threshold(s) as defined by the client. Additional players meeting the criteria will be added automatically at the end of the day during the nightly load. Consequently, players who reach the criteria will not appear in the system until the next day unless they are manually added. Players can be manually added by searching for their individual Player ID through the Player Search tool. When the Player ID is not found in the Host VIP! database, the system will prompt for a manual import from the floor system by providing a link that performs the function. Players can also be added into HostVIP database when they are included in a group that is imported into the system.

Q. What are the threshold triggers to qualify for the Host VIP! database?

Host VIP! uses a combination of three individual triggers to qualify players. These triggers are: Theoretical Win, Actual Win, and Cash In. As soon as the player reaches the criteria for one of those triggers, they will be added to the database automatically at the end of the day

Q. Can the threshold triggers be changed?

Threshold trigger amounts can be modified based on the criteria as defined by the client. This process will require the assistance of Tech Results to update the trigger amounts to pull a player into the Host VIP! database.

Q. How do I access Host VIP!?

Host VIP! is accessible through a computer terminal that is connected to the property’s intranet by opening a web browser (if a shortcut is not provided) and typing the following in the url: 

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