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FAQs - InTRact

Find answers to frequently asked questions about InTRact
Q. How long does a typical InTRact installation take?

A typical installation can be installed & ‘live’, six weeks from the commitment.

Q. What kind of training is involved in a typical InTRact project?

Tech Results uses PMP-based project methodology designed to minimize risk and maximize your return on investment. The project begins with an operational review by your dedicated project manager. Weekly project meetings assist in identifying areas that require more attention; telephone, web-based and on-site training, with go-live support are used to insure maximum potential.

Q. Do I have to be at my desk to use my Tech Results applications?

No. If you can gain access to your property’s network, you can access the software. Further, Tech Results has specifically designed Event Management software, on mobile devices, in its InTRact Mobile module.

Tech Results provides two enterprise software solutions, specifically designed for the casino gaming and hospitality industry.  Together with numerous accompanying modules,  including data warehousing, promotions management systems and host management applications, our leading-edge InTRact™ and WAGER® platforms represent the most comprehensive CRM and BI solutions available for the gaming industy.

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