Event Management

InTRact CRM Solution


WAGER® Event Impact provides tools for precise event planning to drive higher ROI from each event.

Event Impact provides detailed analytics around events, with information such as: players attended, players invited, and event revenue.

Features Include:

  • Compatibility with InTRact™ and InTRact Mobile™ CRM platforms
  • Ability to compare event attendance and revenue performance of two specific events to determine which efforts are paying off.
  • Reporting that shows how an event impacts the business compared to a non-event period.
  • Ability to view top 10 and bottom 10 events by actual gross profit, attendance and revenue performance.
  • Reporting of no-shows enabling targeted marketing efforts to bring no-shows back to the propery.

With WAGER®'s Event Impact Module, you will know how much each event is making, or breaking you. Start your event planning on the path to success and drive revenue with the WAGER Event Impact modules.