Matrix Builder

InTRact CRM Software Solution for Gaming Industry

Matrix Builder improves segmentation and creates more effective promotional matrices.

InTRact™ Matrix Builder is a web-based application that allows key users within yourorganization to create different groups of patrons, based on various metrics such as gaming performance, demographics, distance band, theoretical, and other configurable variables. Users can group these metrics into functional ranges for ease of use. The module’s comprehensive formula builder is designed to return customizable group results that make reaching your desired customer base easier than ever.

In addition, Matrix Builder expands the depth of offers you can create by adding hotel, food and beverages, and free play into the mix. With more options available to marketing managers, InTRact Matrix Builder will lead you towards better choices. The casino software will target your optimal groups of patrons and increase the success of your overall marketing strategy.


  • Build a sophisticated offers matrix based on an in depth set of measures and metrics.
  • Utilize one matrix builder to create a complete set of offers from hotel, food and beverage and other key systems.
  • Build matrices with both simple and complex criteria, including age, distance, daily theoretical and more.
  • Group these metrics into functional ranges for ease of use.
  • Use the WAGER library to save historical information and copy past matrices for quick use.
  • Easily associate a variety of prizes with different tiers.
  • User-friendly drag-and-drop interface with pre-built measures and metrics for crafting matrices on the fly.

The bottom line is that InTRact™ Matrix Builder will simplify your process of creating meaningful prize matrices, so your players can get what they deserve while you keep down costs and increase ROI.


Product compatibility with other Tech Results casino solutions make the Matrix Builder module a vital tool to add to your existing casino software from Tech Results. Use the WAGER® Group Impact Module to perform detailed post-event analysis by group. Link offers using the InTRact™ Matrix Builder and let front-line representatives see those offers using the WAGER Reinvestment Window.

See firsthand how the InTRact Matrix Builder module can boost your bottom line.