Total Promo®

Total Promo® Will Help You Improve the ROI from Your Promotions

Total Promo is the original ticketless promotions management system that produces reliable and measurable results.

With an easy-to-use web interface to create and administer each promotional drawing, you can choose from a wide set of CRM customizations to create promotional drawings that are perfect for your property.

Better Data Yields Better Results

The greatest problem with traditional promotions is lost information. For many properties, the only easily retrievable data about a promotion is a list of winners. With Total Promo, integrated with a sophisticated BI platform like WAGER®, you'll be able to analyze who was or wasn’t driven by your promotion. Because Total Promo receives real-time data from the player tracking system, users have access to a wealth of knowledge about the health of ongoing promotions --- information with which they can make timely decisions and corrective action.

  • Summarize the performance of any given drawing in terms of driven turnover, driven coin in and theoretical win value.
  • Analyze performance of bonus periods, earnings activities and even specific situations like machine sets.
  • Generate mailers and e-blasts to customers with entry counts during a promotion to encourage their return for the drawing.
  • Drive repeat traffic with analysis of both in-process and completed promotions.

Dramatically Reduce Your Promotion Costs

While drawings and giveaways form the core of many player loyalty programs, traditional promotions can be expensive as costs add up quickly ... paper tickets, labor, storage and lost revenue from players waiting in lines. Total Promo automated and ticketless promotions management make costly promotional drawings a thing of the past. Total Promo® can streamline your drawings and increase ROI.

Total Promo Features Include:

  • Support for various promotion types including cash and car drawings, gift of the month, and more.
  • Support for multiple, concurrent promotions without costly, bulky drums and storage.
  • Extensive bonus rules to drive the patrons you want to target.
  • Configurable earning periods to drive traffic during slow times.
  • Receive comprehensive reports during and after a promotion is held to drive traffic and determine its overall success.

Over time, the ability to understand a promotion’s worth to the gaming enterprise becomes priceless, whether there are 600 machines or 6,000. Get big returns today. Total Promo®, from Tech Results, is your best choice for promotions management software.