Games Direct®

Games Direct

Reap BIG dividends by automating promotions with Games Direct®.

Games Direct® self-service games keep patrons playing longer while saving you money. By automating your promotions and patron loyalty programs, players club members can swipe for self-service game options without the hassle of having to stand in line at the player’s club booth.

Install Games Direct on a free-standing kiosk or deliver games directly to a slot machine's digital display.

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Games Direct Features Include:

  • Display information and games in English, Spanish, or Chinese.
  • Configurable pin pad for added security.
  • Self-redemption functionality so patrons can choose their rewards.
  • Balance viewer screen to view points, comps, and free play balances from the floor system.
  • Threshold manager to display all promotion information and how many points are needed to participate in the promotion.

Add On Modules Extend Games Direct benefits and Turn Kiosks into Virtual Players Club Hubs.

Language Packs - Allow players to view content in a language specific formation, eliminating the language barrier that can be found between internatonal patrons and players club representatives not fluent in the patron's native tongue.

Games Direct® Points/Comps/Balance Plug-In - Allows players to view their account at a free-standing kiosk, eliminating the need for them to stand in line at the players club.

Games Direct® Self-Redemption - Transforms your kiosks into a virtual players club, where patrons can view a list of available prizes and redeen them using their point or comp balance.

Games Direct will quickly improve your marketing with advanced player tracking metircs and in-depth knowledge that you can leverage into ever-increasing ROI.

Managers can choose from a set of configurable triggers such as card swipe, coin-in, and time played to initialize games for the patron. Games Direct, a fully integrated part of the Total Promo® promotions managment system, provides audit trails detailing how many of each prize has been awarded and the value generated to the enterprise. And, Games Direct tracks the inventory of prizes, so you can throw away the pencils, paper and spreadsheets. The release of additional games for the platform throughout the year ensures that Games Direct will continue to grow with  your gaming enterprise.

Deliver electronic promotions to patrons with Games Direct® and start increasing coin-in, reducing labor costs and improving ROI.

More than Games

The platform features powerful CRM options including the ability to view player balances and promotional entries all while continuing to utilize its player tracking system. It also supports a complete self-comping module which functions with or without bar-coded offers. Games Direct’s self-redemption module lets patrons choose when and how they redeem their point or comp balance. The balance viewer screen allows patrons to access their point balance, comp balance and free play balance at any kiosk. These interactive CRM features on our casino software help reduce lines at the players club and provide patrons with the key information they are looking for. Ultimately, the kiosk and the Games Direct platform ensures that patrons receive the information they seek and the first-class service they deserve.

Promote to Win

Connect with players using Games Direct swipe-and-win/virtual scratch-off casino software. From games in the restaurant to swipe-and-wins at the service desk, drive promotions and inspire players at every touch point. Deliverable on a kiosk platform, either new or currently installed, Games Direct uses state of the art animation to deliver an exciting promotions experience. Developed by former gaming industry employees, the user-friendly system does not require technical expertise. With a wide range of games to choose from, Games Direct is closely integrated with the Total Promo promotions engine. The release of additional games for the platform throughout the year ensures that Games Direct will continue to grow with the gaming enterprise. Ultimately, Games Direct provides audit trails detailing how many of each prize has been awarded, what the value generated to the enterprise is, and track the inventor of prizes with- out pencil and paper. It’s easy to see how you can quickly tally up ROI with Tech Results, your gaming software provider!