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Group Impact

Wager CRM Solution

WAGER® Group Impact will help you choose the right groups for your offers.

The WAGER Group Impact module provides detailed group analytics to expand the productivity of your marketing team by creating more influential groups for future marketing campaigns. Use WAGER Group Impact to perform a wide range of group analysis using data points like: Coin-In, Comps Earned, Age Range, Distance Band, and Actual Win.


Group Impact Features Include:

  • Compare two groups within a selected date range.
  • Summarize the performance of a group or groups.
  • View the top 10 and bottom 10 groups by multiple assortments.
  • Compare a group’s actual win and actual win growth and change in each fiscal year.
  • Analyze breakout group performance by club level.

With WAGER® Group Impact, start choosing the right groups for your offers and make your next marketing campaign perform better than ever before.

Tech Results provides two enterprise software solutions, specifically designed for the casino gaming and hospitality industry.  Together with numerous accompanying modules,  including data warehousing, promotions management systems and host management applications, our leading-edge InTRact™ and WAGER® platforms represent the most comprehensive CRM and BI solutions available for the gaming industy.

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