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Offer Impact

WAGER® Offer Impact helps you pair the best offers with the right patrons to maximize promotional results.

Offer Impact will provide in-depth analysis of your offers, giving marketing managers and casino operation management better intel as to which offers create the best return. Use the Offer Impact module to analyze offers issued, offers redeemed, redemption cost, and gross profit.  Get the data you need to plan more successful  marketing campaigns.

Offer Impact Features Include:

  • Examine current offer performance versus another offer/date or versus the same offer in another period.
  • Compare offer redemption by date ranges, day of week, gender, and distance to better segment your offers.
  • See how offer impacts the casino with detailed lift summary.
  • Determine whether the gross profit of the offer outweighs the cost of the offer.
  • View the performance of the top 10 offers.

Designed to meet your specific analytical needs, the WAGER® Offer Impact module will provide you the deep knowledge on offer performance to ensure your marketing department and casino operation management continues to maximize offer success by always sending the right offers to the right patrons.

Tech Results provides two enterprise software solutions, specifically designed for the casino gaming and hospitality industry.  Together with numerous accompanying modules,  including data warehousing, promotions management systems and host management applications, our leading-edge InTRact™ and WAGER® platforms represent the most comprehensive CRM and BI solutions available for the gaming industy.

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