Player Development Impact

Wager CRM Solution

The WAGER Player Development Impact module is a web-based application that provides key analytic data on a casino's associated player development revenues and expenses that can be used by player development managers, casino management, hosts, business analysts, marketing executives and finance. With this information, the key team members can see the impact of the hosting program, the hosts on the hosting program, the hosts on the player, the hosting program on the player and the player development program against the overall corporate or property marketing program.


Product compatibility with other existing Tech Results Bl and CRM solutions make the Player Development Impact module just one more essential tool to add to your existing WAGER toolset. Extract players using the WAGER Patron Revenue module and import those players into Host to develop a more robust player development campaign with host program information, player development goals and host-to-player information. In conjunction with the WAGER Segment Builder module, users can take the player development analytics from the Player Development Impact module to determine future player development invitations lists.


  • Measure the value proposition of the hosts as well as the hosted versus non-hosted performance.

  • Determine the level of profitability and performance of the entire player development program and make key changes to manage spend and drive additional ROI.

  • Measure the performance of each host in the department and make changes to increase profitability by host and allow for greater customer interaction.

  • Provide better decisions on when to comp and manage overall comp for the department through in-depth analysis.

  • Achieve better profiling of your hosted players.

  • Utilize trending statistics to determine the lifetime profitability of each hosted guest and manage them accordingly.


  • Analyze relevant measure data against Host VIP! extended goals framework data.

  • Analyze relevant measure data against host account types including uncoded, coded and house.

  • Perform analytics detailing the player development program per overall revenue, host and patron.

  • Provide analytical analysis of hosted player revenue, expenses and additional spending.

  • Provide analytical analysis of player development value by host program type


See firsthand how WAGER Player Development Impact module can boost your bottom line. For more information, contact your Tech Results account representative, 1.888.587.7253