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Real-Time Dashboards

Wager BI Solution

Maximize your gaming revenue with WAGER® Real-Time Performance analysis

Do you have a true picture of what's happening on your slot floor ... as it happens?

Do you have the up-to-the-minute data that allows you to react to floor activity swiftly and with confidence?



WAGER® Real Time Performance dashboards let you see exactly where your slot operations stand and allows you to react to changes swiftly and confidently.  These dashboard widgets give you the accurate picture you need of where your machines stand at any point in time --- both for improving internal decision making and satisfying regulatory obligations.

  • See a summary of Coin In, Coin Out, Jackpots, Actual Win and Slot Machines Played during the day, by slot machine zone, for both carded and un-carded patrons.
  • Know your suspect meters instantly, including Location, Patron, Start/Stop time and Coin In/Coin Out, and then email this information instantly to designated personnel as soon as the suspect meter is detected.

Here are just some of the great real-time dashboard widgets available with WAGER®.

Metered Slot Summary
Provides up-to-the-minute slot machine metrics grouped into floor zone. Includes a graphical representation of the gaming day's hourly trend by Coin In vs. Coin Out, with the options for Jackpots and Actual Win during the day.  This widget also provides a comparison for today vs. yesterday and the same day last week, as well as a last 7-day trend.

Rated Slot Play
Provides up-to-the-minute slot machine metircs, specifically for carded patrons,  grouped into floor zones.

Top 10 Games
Displays your Top 10 games utilized during the gaming day, by amount of coin in. This widget lets you know your highest and least performing Slot Machines games during the gaming day.

Slot Free Play
Shows the performance of active free play being utilized during the gaming day, highlighting the value of the individual offer and the accumulated amount played.

Today's Top 10 Players
Highlights the top 10 performing carded players on the floor.   Metrics for the gaming day are orderd by the amount of coin in.  This dashboard widget highlights the individuals's percentage of play against the total play for the gaming day.

Coin In
Displays up-to-the-minute Coin In for the gaming day, by all denominations played.

Head Count
Provides an hour-by-hour view of actual head count of carded players. both at the slot machines and at table games.

Gives you a an hour-by-hour view of the number of slot machines actually in play and the percentage of machines in play relative to the total machines on the floor.  

Wager®- Table Performance Dashboard
Wager®- Marketing Dashboard
Wager®- Player Development Impact Dashboard

Tech Results provides two enterprise software solutions, specifically designed for the casino gaming and hospitality industry.  Together with numerous accompanying modules,  including data warehousing, promotions management systems and host management applications, our leading-edge InTRact™ and WAGER® platforms represent the most comprehensive CRM and BI solutions available for the gaming industy.

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