Product Overview

Specialized Software Solutions for the Casino Industry

While Tech Results provides consulting, custom development and network engineering services, the company’s primary focus is providing leading edge software solutions for casino management. Tech Results business intelligence and customer relationship management platforms can be customized to meet the specific gaming and casino management needs of each gaming enterprise.


WAGER® is the fastest, most reliable business intelligence solution available for the gaming and hospitality industry. WAGER provides unsurpassed patron analysis via data warehousing and decision-making tools for every aspect part of a gaming enterprise. WAGER's modular design and compatibility with every major transactional system on the market, makes it easy for casino enterprises to integrate WAGER with existing systems to best achieve their specific timing and business goals. Tech Results' WAGER BI platform allows casinos to unleash the power of their data to improve results and maximize ROI.  


InTRact® is the industry leading CRM platform that allows casinos to improve patron experiences and build player loyalty, while simultaneously leveraging easy-to-use analytics tools to improve promotional results and increase promotional ROI. The InTRact CRM platform is comprised of various software solutions that can provide dramatic improvement in areas such as offer management, hosting and player management, guest service and player satisfaction.

  • Total Promo® – This industry-leading software tool for building complex, comprehensive promotions is used to increase promotion return on investment and improve promotion-related metrics like time at device and coin in – both during drawings and during earning periods.
  • Games Direct® – More than just games, Games Direct opens up the kiosk as a full-fledged customer service platform that can deliver CRM to every touch point in the enterprise. Create an interactive, powerful environment to motivate players, at a substantially lower cost than other market solutions, with a substantially higher return on investment.
  • InTRact Matrix Builder™ ‐ Matrix Builder simplifies the process of creating complex promotions, allowing casino marketing managers to build campaigns in a matter of minutes instead of days. Build complex mailing rules --- maintenance, infrequents, faders, climbers, new members, birthdays, "one-off"s,event invites and more --- in a simple to use Web interface, and then load then back into the gaming, event management and promotions systems. Don't spend hours cutting files and loading them one at a time.
  • Host VIP!® – Put real-time player information at your fingertips with this cutting-edge player and host management system. Extensive tools for managing host performance ensure that customer service remains at the forefront of the hosts’ day. The solution also has a wireless host component to provide real-time information to hosts on the floor.
  • InTRact Web CRM™ – Take the power of the InTRact platform on the move and services guests at every touchpoint from a tablet or smartphone. Leverage the power of Tech Results' mobile to simplify operations. Service your guests where they are™ .
  • InTRact Web CRM™ ‐ Eliminate long players club lines ... Keep you players at the machines. InTRact Web CRM allows you to take guest services off the floor by providing self-service capacity, like self-service win/loss, promotions review, current balance, offers available and more.

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